remembering LA, 1978: for Maureen on her birthday

no matter what year
it’s still 1978
we’re sitting in Bruno’s
you’re drinking White Russians
I’m drinking bourbon
the sun is shining
outside the dark bar
and all the life
I need to see
is in your eyes

14 thoughts on “remembering LA, 1978: for Maureen on her birthday

  1. That’s a beautiful poem, happy birthday to Maureen!🎉

    Now, I know this isn’t the same year as the one you’ve mentioned, but here’s a song I grown to love:

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

    • First, I thank you for your birthday wish for Maureen. She is my oldest friend (we go back to junior high school together which is a long, long time) and saw each other weekly when we both lived in LA. As a matter of fact in that picture she is wearing the t-shirt from the bookstore I owned back then. Though we are several thousand miles apart, we skype regularly and being both writers we read each other’s work, including things we are working on, and value each other’s opinion. Now as for that song, it may be the wrong year but otherwise it’s damn near perfect. Thanks so much for sharing it with me and introducing me to an artist I did not know. I’m very glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are a most interesting person. May the rest of your day, week, month, year be blessed with joy.

      • Without a doubt! It was my pleasure. I’ll tell you a little secret: you can never have too many birthday wishes; they always make you smile.

        I hope you keep in touch and enjoy your relationship for many years to come. True friendships seldom stay long, and this is rather inspirational.

        I’m glad you did as well; I enjoy your writing and think you’re an interesting person too.

        Have a great rest of your week too! Stay blessed and happy. 😊

      • I’ve had several friendships that scanned decades but unfortunately I’ve lost a few along the way. Hopefully we’ll meet again in wherever it is we go when we pass on. We stay blessed and happy, too, in your Romanian summer.

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