5071_524034189392_27102070_31281118_1469775_nI am a native New Yorker who was talked into going to school in Ohio by my supposedly best friend and ended up staying there long enough to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Bowling Green University. I drifted out to Los Angeles because my ex-wife was intent on becoming a movie star. Having no better way to squander my money, I opened up a literary bookstore called Intellectuals & Liars in Santa Monica and became part of the poetry scene there. I had a few short stories and an excerpt from an earlier novel published in some small literary magazines, held weekly poetry/prose readings, published broadsides, and, being no exception to the rule that poetry doesn’t sell, went out of business. This led to a series of jobs like selling shoes, running a warehouse, writing advertising copy for radio, and teaching English to immigrants. Since my main concern was keeping a roof over my head and the wolves from the door while I continued to write, I took a job as a full-time tenured faculty member at a college. Eventually, not being satisfied with just teaching, I created an English Language Institute and went over to the dark side and joined the administration so I could run it. I ran language programs in both the US and Turkey for decades but now have settled into a life of writing/reading/traveling as an expat in Turkey since I find being an alien in a foreign country is easier to adjust to than being an alien in my own country. I have 6 books in print and others in various stages of completion which can be viewed on my website: http://www.leonarddurso.net. And once, in a city far, far away, I was a scoutmaster, which means I’m pretty good at knots, campfires, and am pretty loyal, trustworthy, helpful, etc.

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  1. Oh, Leonard … I’m glad you discovered my blog, if only because it led me to discover yours. Some beautiful words here…

    And by the way: my parents and my sister are all Falcons. As for me, I have my MFA from Virginia Tech, and like a lot of similarly degreed people, I’ve done a whole lot of strange and seemingly unrelated things. I currently work in property managemen & consider the work to be a writer’s playground, even if it’s the last work in the world I ever would have considered doing. 🙂

    I look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. Greetings Len, and I appreciate the ‘Like’ on the train post. I find your story and work intriguing, and look forward to future contact. The comment about being an alien in your own country struck a cord with me.

  3. I have nominated you [http://elusivetrope.com/2015/11/20/3d-3q-day-2/] for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge.I want to say I don’t want you to feel obligated to participated. I just want people to experience and photographs I feel are inspiring and grounding.

  4. What an interesting life you have led! It’s nice to know you’re loyal and trustworthy. I’m pretty good at building campfires, not so tying knots. But if you need someone who can provide wild game and cook it over said campfire, I’m your woman. lol

      • I grew up in Arkansas on a farm/ranch in the Ozark and Boston Mountains area. My husband and I continued to live there after marrying . When he died about fifteen years ago, I moved to the city.

      • I shopped in the city (and it isn’t a large one) on a regular basis, so I was familiar with it. The hard part was becoming accustomed to seeing my neighbors’ houses. I still miss the semi-isolation and wide open spaces.

      • I’ve mostly been in or near cities most of my life but like time spent in coastal villages periodically. It’s the sea. Even from my windows in Istanbul, I can see the sea.

      • You are so lucky to have that view. I love the sea. Three long-time lady friends and I rent a house right on The Gulf of Mexico for a week or two every October. There’s a good possibility that in the future I’ll relocate there. Nothing like falling asleep listening to the waves rolling in.

      • One of my closest friends spends 5 or 6 weeks a year in Puerto Vallarta during the winter. And another close friend spends 4 months each year on a Caribbean island where he plays in a local bar/restaurant during happy hour. When I move back to the US next year, I plan to visit both of these friends during those times. Your idea of relocating to the Gulf of Mexico sounds pretty good to me.

  5. Thanks for the follow, Leonard. And thanks especially for reading some of my work. Your work is quite interesting.

  6. Thank you Leonard for following my Blog and for all your likes that you left me during the year I appreciate so much your loyalty as follower and I hope that you enjoy my Art and writings now and for time coming! You have a great Blog here I finally had a visit more in details and I decided to follow! 😉 Your life is a quite journeys filled with many experiences and congratulations for your books! Wish you all the best!

  7. Hello, Leonard! I wanted to formally say “hello” as you’ve followed me and been so supportive with your “likes”! I’ve followed you, and look forward to seeing more of what you have here as well. Lovely About section, by the way. Quite the story! 🙂 Em

  8. Hi! You have been nominated for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award!
    This award is non obligatory so it’s your choice either to accept it or not.

  9. “I find being an alien in a foreign country is easier to adjust to than being an alien in my own country.” – I can relate to that. I have traveled so much and lived in so many different countries that when someone asked me the other day where I was from I was lost for a minute as to how to answer. I am glad I found your blog and I look forward to reading your posts.

    • Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I have to go meet my attorney in an hour to deal with my residency renewal but tomorrow I will explore your blog. You might want to look at my website: http://www.leonarddurso.net to see my books and more up-to-date- bio info. Looking forward to reading entries on your blog.

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