watching Irene Dunne

there’s that little laugh
as she confounds
yet another man
in this world
which she seems to understand
so much better
even in those moments
when lucidity eludes
her and everyone else
one still has faith
she will endure
her intelligence and wit
weapons in this risky business
of love and life

Farewell to Monk Chih-hsinmg by Chia Tao

You have lived a long time
at Pa-hsing Temple;
retired, you’re preparing
only now to leave.

On the verge of parting, we look
out upon the bright water of autumn;
you’re not returning to your hometown
nor to the countryside near it.

You will hang your Buddhist staff in a tree
where the sky reaches to a watery horizon;
where the door-leaf of your hut
opens on great mountains.

Below, you will see dawn
a thousand li away;
a miniature sun
born of a cold white sea.

translated by Mike O’Connor