this night

the whirling
of a fan
the hiss
of a candle
the beating
of a heart
this world
a corner
a light
in a window
not noticed
a footstep
on gravel
a scent
in the air
even the cat
senses shifting
this night

An Argument by Thomas Moore

I’ve oft been told by learned friars,
That wishing and the crime are one,
And Heaven punishes desires
As much as if the deed were done.

If wishing damns us, you and I
Are damned to all our heart’s content;
Come, then, at least we may enjoy
Some pleasure for our punishment!

the promise

in the glint
of your eyes
the hint
of a smile
on those full lips
one hand caressing
your hair
the other firmly placed
on a hip
the tilt of your shoulders
almost a shrug
the promise
of things to come