from About Life: 1 by Arife Kalender

The sun
Among the quivering leaves
in silence touched my face
Joined me for tea, we lit a cigarette
Two old friends . . .

I sift the days
With a sieve in my hand
On it
Days that will never be re-lived
At the same place and hour . . .

Does living mean getting older, for
it is secretly prevading my wrinkles . . .

translated by Mukadder Aykırı & Suat Karantay

Jam by Sunay Akın

Never was I able to smile
at her sickbed
that’s why mom
was unaware
of the dimple
on my left cheek

As the medicine on the
bedside table accumulated
I would rejoice in
the growing skyscraper
I made from the boxes

And I didn’t realize
that the only color
in mom’s life
was the jams
in the jars
lined up on the shelves.

translated by Suat Karantay