Another beautiful Turkish poem translated by Rukiye Uçar at FORGOTTEN HOPES.


tumblr_nmly8qm0Rt1rlhvpdo1_500 Olvido These evenings are always vulgar. Once the day is gone with its splendor Filling up everywhere with our loneliness In a scream of colours from our garden, A hand starts to take out from our pack The sorrows smelling of lavender; These evenings are always vulgar. Regrets, attacking in waves, Pushes that bronze door of oblivion And the soul, full of holes with the arrows shot; Here, all of a sudden, you are in the old house where you were born The lamp and the stairs are watching your way, The cradle is creaking with silenced lullabies And all the lost, defeated, crestfallen... It is with the beauty of unspoken love The poems left incomplete on papers; One, towards a morning smelling of rain remembers one day that he opened a door, A cloud holding still, a bird flying, A stone that he knelt down and ate cheese and…

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