from Strong Wine by Hafiz

Winebringer, more wine! Bring me some of that strong wine that no one else
Can drink. I want to become unconscious and free of this world for a while.

I know that there’s no safety from the perils of the sky,
With the siren harp of Venus and the bloody sword of Mars.

In this age of meanness and deceit, at the world’s table,
There is no place for joy. And the food is prepared with too much salt.

So drink wine and wash your palate, so your greedy thirst will go away.

translated  by Thomas Rain Crowe

Margarita DeAngelis

Margarita was ripe
before her time
at thirteen she was with the bad boys
causing Timmy Jessen’s downfall
and giving Jimmy Johnson one month of bliss
at fifteen she dated college boys
and though I was long gone
by her eighteenth year
I’m sure she married well
she once confessed to me
she did not want to end up
like her older sister Francine
handed off from the Galtieri brothers
to Tony Esposito
and then down the line
this in a moment of self-reflection
they all often had with me
but I do believe
she made it out
if anyone did
with fewer scars
and even less memories

The Way by Robert Creeley

My love’s manners in bed
are not to be discussed by me,
as mine by her
I would not credit comment upon gracefully.

Yet I ride by the margin of that lake in
the wood, the castle,
and the excitement of strongholds;
and have a small boy’s notion of doing good.

Oh well, I will say here,
knowing each man,
let you find a good wife too,
and love her as hard as you can.

Later (6) by Robert Creeley

If you saw
dog pass, in car–

looking out, possibly
indifferently, at you–

would you–could you–
shout, “Hey, Spot!

It’s me!” After all
these years,

no dog’s coming home
again. Its skin’s

through rain, dirt,

to dust, hair alone
survives, matted tangle.

Your own, changed,
your hair, greyed,

your voice not the one
used to call him home.

“Hey Spot!” The world’s
greatest dog’s got

lost in the world,
got lost long ago.