Deer by Chun-Myung No

The long neck makes him a sad creature,
Always gentle and quiet.
The fragrant crown betrays
His noble birth.
Looking at his image
Reflected in the stream,
He recalls the lost myths,
Then in helpless nostalgia,
Cranes the sad neck
To gaze at faraway hills.

My Mind by Kwang-Sup Kim

My mind resembles cabin-lake water
Rippled by stray winds,
Shadowed by flowing clouds.

Someone is throwing stones;
Another is fishing;
Another is singing.

By this shore on a lonely night,
Stars quietly float on the water
And the woods quietly lull the waves.

But each night I cover the lake with my dreams
Lest this shore be untidy
The day the white swan returns.

unknown translator


it is so simple
yet not as simple as all that
for love is forgetting
all that happened before
letting new flowers grow
in what’s left of a heart
worn and fearful
of the light of day
and expecting nothing
in return

Tennessee Williams on Hollywood

In the 1940s I had a glorious time in Hollywood because I was fired almost at once from the project I was working on and they had to continue to pay me. That was in my contract. For six months they had to pay me $250 a week. This was in 1943, when $250 was equivalent to about $1,000 now, I would guess. They had to pay me whether I had an assignment or not.

First they put me on Marriage Is a Private Affair for Lana Turner. Well, they expressed great delight with my dialogue, and I think it was good. But they said, “You give Miss Turner too many multisyllable words!” So I said, “Well some words do contain more than one syllable!” And Pandro Berman, who loved me very much–Lana Turner just happened to be his girlfriend at the time–he said to me, “Tennessee, Lana can tackle two syllables, but I’m afraid if you go into three you’re taxing her vocabulary!”

Then they asked me if I’d like to write a screenplay for a child star, one named Margaret O’Brien. I said, “I’d sooner shoot myself!” By that time I knew I’d get the $250 regardless.

So I lived out in Santa Monica and had a ball until the money ran out.