what sits opposite: for Michelle

within my heart
someone resides
how this happened
I don’t know
karma kismet
divine intervention
take your pick
what good are
at this point
for here I stand
eyes focused
on a table
in a teashop
a scent wafting
in the air
and life
no longer a question
just an answer
sitting opposite

the first day of Bayram: for Ali

breakfast soup
a drive to Foça
old narrow streets
a touch of ancient Greece
talk of old times
over cay
of mutual friends
of almost love
lost love
mistakes made
lessons learned
the comfort
of the familiar
in a new old world
on the first day
of Bayram
and there is the future
laid out
in the open
just like it’s supposed
to be

dreams vs reality

there will always be
the dreams
and those ghosts
who inhabit them
playing out scenarios
of what if
could be
lives reinvented
on the page
as part of
a human comedy
to keep oneself
a fanciful rendition
of lives lived
somewhere else
on a border
where separate realities
to clamor
for attention
in the dark