All Of A Sudden by Orhan Veli Kanik

Leonard Durso

Everything happened all of a sudden.
All of a sudden daylight beat down on the earth;
There was the sky all of a sudden;
All of a sudden steam began to rise from the soil.
There were tendrils all of a sudden, buds all of a sudden.
And there were fruits all of a sudden.
All of a sudden,
All of a sudden,
Girls all of a sudden, boys all of a sudden.
Roads, moors, cats, people. . .
And there was love all of a sudden,
Happiness all of a sudden.

translated  by Anil Mericelli



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A Dream Far Away by Güven Turan

On the plains behind the cliff
An unsheltering wind
Uproots the shrubs
Gives way to cane beds
Even in mid summer
Flee southward to hunt

Without planting a tree
I can leave my body and go
Near one of the traps I’ve set
On the third day the moss hides
Within forty days the ice petrıfies

To become so attached to a dream
To expand the saddening wastes of the city
Even when her picture has decayed on my table

Before a new thunderstorm arises
One should pull the boat ashore

translated by Suat Karantay

Don’t Ask by Turgay Fişekçi

Don’t ask me who I am
Whence I came from
Which days the red clouds
In my eyes are from, don’t ask.

Inexplicable things
May indeed have occurred in the days begone
I may have eaten the grapes
I stole from the vineyards
Leaning against the bosom of the blue sky.

Don’t ask me who I am
What my job is, how old I am
Just say “Do you love me?”
And ask no more.

translated by Gül Erçetin & Suat Karantay