Song Of The Rider by Federico Garcia Lorca

Distant and alone.

Black pony, full moon,
and olives inside my saddlebag.
Though I know the roads well,
I will never arrive at Cordoba.

Over the low plains, over the winds,
black pony, red moon.
Death is looking down at me
from the towers of Cordoba.

What a long road this is!
What a brave horse I have!
Death is looking for me
before I get to Cordoba!

Distant and alone.

Separation by Nazim Hikmet

separation swings through the air like a steel bar
it keeps smacking me in the face
I’m staggering

I run away it chases me
there’s no escaping it
my knees fail I’m falling

separation isn’t time or distance
it’s the bridge between us
finer than silk thread sharper than a sword

finer than silk thread sharper than a sword
separation is the bridge between us
even when we sit knee to knee

Sunday Evenings by Orhan Veli Kanik

I don’t look like much today;
When I pay my debts,
Possibly I’ll own a bunch of new suits;
Possibly you still won’t love me.

But, on Sunday evenings,
When I go by your neighborhood,
Dressed to kill,
Do you think I’ll cherish you
As much as I do today?

Because Of You by Nazim Hikmet

Because of you, each day is a melon slice
smelling sweetly of earth.
Because of you, all fruits reach out to me
as if I were the sun.
Thanks to you, I live on the honey of hope.
You are the reason my heart beats.
Because of you, even my loneliest nights
smile like an Anatolian kilim on your wall.
Should my journey end before I reach my city,
I’ve rested in a rose garden thanks to you.
Because of you I don’t let death enter,
clothed in the softest garments
and knocking on my door with songs
calling me to the greatest peace.

translated by Randy Blasing & Mutlu Konuk

Loving You by Nazim Hikmet

Loving you is like eating bread dipped in salt,
like waking feverish at night
and putting my mouth to the water faucet,
like opening a heavy labeled parcel
eagerly, happily, cautiously.
Loving you is like flying over the sea
for the first time, like feeling dusk settle
softly over Istanbul.
Loving you is like saying “I’m alive.”

translated by Randy Blasing & Mutlu Konuk