The Orderly World

Another translation of a Turkish poet from Forgotten Hopes.



(“Düzenli Dünya” by Melih Cevdet Anday)

-The Orderly World-

I am so fond of this orderly world

The winter, the summer

The spring, the fall

The nights and the days are in order.

The roots of the trees are under the ground

The mountains have their tops above

All the mountains have their tops above

The people are in their right minds

All the people are in their right minds

The five fingers are all in their proper places

The thumb, index, middle, ring and the pinky.

Let’s say the pinky just gets up and

Walks towards the middle finger

How would it dare!

Or a locust tree

By burying its head under the soil

Takes a walk

Hello chestnut, hello pine

Selamunaleykum, aleykumselam

Just while having a small talk

The conversation turns to the root of the locust

The wind begins soughing then…

Its root is out of the ground, out of…

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