About Geese by Li Shang-yin

Asleep on the sand, dozing on the water, they form a flock.
Jagged shoreline, fading light, clouds over distant bank.
They don’t know in their heart the plight of the peacock:
The female fettered, forever apart from the male

translated by Eugene Eoyang & Irving Y. Lo

“That is quite a statement to the women of this country.”

from Douglas Moore’s Art of Quotation

Art of Quotation

“It is worth pondering… 2 of the 9 justices of the US Supreme Court will have been credibly accused of serious sexual misconduct and confirmed anyway. That is quite a statement to the women of this country.”

Susan Hennessey, twitter feed, September 16, 2018.
Lawfare Executive Editor, Brookings Fellow, CNN National Security and Legal Analyst, Former IC attorney.

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River by Güngör Tekçe

A meadow
And a river
There was someone
I forget

Through the
River straight towards me
Surging steadily onward
My feet planted on the earth
I was soon overwhelmed

Was it a thousand years ago
Or was it only yesterday
So many dead
Who’d grasped at deadwood and at dregs
Was it a Monday or was it a Wednesday
Whirled and swirled into the depths
So many loves
So many oaths
Washed clean and clear
Was it ten o’clock or was it twelve
With shriek upon shriek the waterfowl
Had bound the drawstrings of the night
They were basking in the sun
A summer with mascara smeared
Releasing a breath through a reed on the shore
Who was it stepping through the passing waters
Ws it I
Was there someone else
I forget

translated by Jean Carpenter Efe