From Another Hill by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

I look at you from another hill, dear Istanbul!
I know you like back of my hand, and love you dearly.
Come, come sit on my heart’s throne as long as I live
Just to love a district of yours is worth a whole life.

There are many flourishing cities in the world.
But you’re the only one who creates enchanting beauty.
I say, he who has lived happily, in the longest dream,
Is he who spent his life in you, died in you, and was buried in you.

translated on the site All Poetry

See what happens by Orhan Veli Kanık

See what happens when you don’t hear
The pistachio splitting apart on the branch,
Just see what happens to you.
See what happens, if you don’t hear this rain
Or the rolling bell or the man talking,
See what happens if you don’t smell the seaweed
Or the lobster, or the shrimp,
Blowing in wind from the sea . . .

translated  by George Messo

Something like whiskey by Orhan Veli Kanık

There’s something like whiskey in the air
Makes you feel down, down . . .
If you burn with longing, missing her
When your girl is somewhere else
And you’re here
It makes you feel rough, rough . . .

There’s something like whiskey in the air
It makes a man drunk, drunk.

translated by George Messo

Days by Orhan Veli Kanık

There are days, I gather myself and leave,
In the smell of nets freshly hauled from the sea
Taking flight on the path of gulls
Drifting from one island to another.

There are unimaginable worlds,
Flowers open, erupt in noise,
Smoke bursts noisily from the earth.

But the seagulls, the seagulls,
Each feather bristling with haste!

There are days, blue all over me.
There are days, sunlight all over me.
There are days, delirious days . . .

translated by George Messo