following Li Po’s lead: to those left behind: on this Easter Sunday in Istanbul, 2019

you are all there
in dreams
our youth on display
strength resting still
in these arms
weaker with age
there is music
Mom dancing in apron
as she sings off-key
to Al Martino
my brothers my sister
nieces and nephews
that long extended table
Charlie Aunt Mary
Grandma’s raviolis
filling the plates
seconds thirds
the turkey the broccoli
sausage and peppers
coffee and cake
platters of fruit
peanut shells and walnuts
George playing The Four Seasons
Johnny teasing Robert
Robert sighs dramatically
into his glass of wine
and I laugh
oh I laugh
waking with tears
in my eyes
Easter Sunday
in Istanbul
so very far
so very long

in my dream

there’s shrimp scampi
an open bottle
of Pinot Grigio
two plates glasses
two chairs at the table
and you
whoever you are
sitting opposite
there in my dream
in my dream

so long

so long so long
the coming of morning
so long so long
the lingering of night
where is where is
that glow on hillsides
where is where is
the hopes the dreams

like the moon

you would appear
in dreams
like the moon
always beautiful
but distant
leaving me
trickling blood inside
and as I rise
from sleep
the moon fading
from sight
like your ghost
into memory
of what was
is still