Turn Heaven’s Face Toward Me by Enver Ercan

what you have found in me is that which I had so long sought
that fine point we reach entwining in embrace
come take me by the hand and lead me through those streets of yours
caught under a sudden downpour of mine

you come as twilight settles as it’s wont to do
god knows what the neighbors might say
you strip yourself of the day and wear only me
your fingers tame and relax the bright and glaring light

turn the face of heaven toward me
let the inflamed tongue of your passion wander
you know, the sound of your wings as you fly free
is like the summary of all the words you speak

may god bless and protect this night

translated by Suat Karantay

Poem 3 by Enver Ercan

I had unraveled
under the spell of a garden
with stars overlooking its pool

she was bending over the water
a swan appeared

did the swan resemble the poppy
or was the poppy the swan
the question did not even occur to me

in that childish afternoon
when words retreated into silence
was kissing everything it passed.

translated by Suat Karantay