reaching for the future

I tried
the lady
and the tiger
survived both
more or less
so now
I’m eyeing
door number 3
and thinking
whatever I’ve got
to lose
I’ve already lost
and with that thought
firmly implanted
in what’s left
of this brain
I stride forward
hand outstretched
reaching for the future
door number 3


delaying the future

there are fresh mulberries
both at the grocery
and on the corner cart
perfect to eat later
while watching detective montalbano
deal with crime in sicily
the breeze by the sea
cools as the sun burns my head
I think of hats
and sigh
afterthoughts are always
stopping by uğur electronic
then my weekly supply of candles
coffee with alex
at his shop
two chinese figurines in tow
a gift of an owl
dinner later ottoman style
since 1919
lamb with nuts
eggplant with beef
white wine from ayhan
to sip late at night
listening to southside johnny’s blues
as I sit in my chair
the cat sleeping on my arm
the weight of the world
nowhere in sight
how I will miss this
already a memory
as the future
plays forward
in time
and time is something
that doesn’t stand still
there is no delaying
inevitable change
as I limp forward
toward my tomorrows