something I used to say, or at least according to Jimmy Powell I said it, though I seem to have lost it in the fog that covers much of those long ago years when alcohol, pinball, and bean & beef burritos from Lucy’s El Adobe at 2:30 in the am seemed to play a much too significant part in my life but thanks to Jimmy and also Randy Signor my memory is jarred awake on occasion to those moments of lucidity and foolishness that have left their impressions on my life

if I knew
I’d know,
but I don’t know
so I don’t know

The Plan by Wendell Berry

My old friend, the owner
of a new boat, stops by
to ask me to fish with him,

and I say I will–both of us
knowing that we may never
get around to it, it may be

years before we’re both
idle again on the same day.
But we make a plan, anyhow,

in honor of friendship
and the fine spring weather
and the new boat

and our sudden thought
of the water shining
under the morning fog.

evening in Elmira

the cat moves
around this newcomer
paw to foot
an experiment
the fan blows
a friend sleeps
the night quiet
in the upper regions
of New York State
and peace
in the heart
among friends