Sky by Juan Ramon Jimenez

I had forgotten you,
sky, and you were nothing
more than a vague existence of light,
even without name,
by my weary, lazy eyes.
And you would appear, among the idle
discouraged words of the traveler,
like a series of tiny lagoons
seen in a watery landscape of dreams . . .

Today I gazed at you slowly,
and you are rising as high as your name.

translated by Dennis Maloney & Clark Zlotchew

A remembrance is moving by Juan Ramon Jimenez

A remembrance is moving
down the long memory, disturbing
the dry leaves with its delicate feet.

—Behind, the house is empty.
On ahead, highways
going on to other places, solitary highways,
stretched out.
And the rain is like weeping eyes,
as if the eternal moment were going blind—.

Even though the house is quiet and shut,
even though I am not in it, I am in it.
And. . .good-bye, you who are walking
without turning your head!

translated by Robert Bly

Nothing More? by Juan Ramon Jimenez

Only my face and the sky.
The only universe.
My face, alone, and the sky.

(Between them, the pure breeze,
a fond caress, the only hand
that brings so much plentifulness;
the breeze, always rising and falling.)

Above me, all that is life,
the entire dream within me,
brushing against my senses with its wings,
that he has brought into harmony.

Nothing more.
. . . . . . .Are you perhaps
the breeze that comes and goes
from the sky, love, to my face?

translated by Dennis Maloney & Clark Zlotchew

Light and Water by Juan Ramon Jimenez

The light above–golden,orange, green
among the vague clouds.

Ah, trees without leaves,
roots in water,
branches in light!

Underneath, the water–green, orange, golden
among the vague mist.

Among the vague mist, among the vague clouds,
light and water; what magic they vanish!

translated by Dennis Maloney

Nocturne by Juan Ramon Jimenez

. . .The ship, slow and swift at once, conquers the water
but not the sky.
The blue remains behind, opening into living silver,
and once more is in front.
Fixed, the mast sways, always returning
–like the hour hand turning in even numbers
on the clock face–
to the stars themselves,
hour after hour, black and green.
One’s body, dreaming, returns
to the country it’s from, coming from the world
it does not belong to. One’s soul remains and
continues, always, through its eternal domain.

translated by Dennis Maloney & Clark Zlotchew