other plans

light filters in
this new morning
after wind after rain
the night before
I put aside the book
I was reading
and try to rise
but the cat
firmly anchored
in my lap
refuses to let me go
ah life
like this cat
has other plans
for me

That’s life by Orhan Veli Kanık

This house had a dog, curly
Called Dingdong–who curled up and died.
There was a cat too: Bluey,
She disappeared.
The daughter got married,
The son finished school.
All these bittersweet things
Happened in a year!
They all just happened like that . . .
That’s life.

translated by George Messo

Harry standing eight

he is up, up
swaying slightly
as if in a strong wind
though no wind blows
through the rooms
that make up his home
just the wind of memory
and regret
of lost moments
failed promises
and hope gone missing
from his door