from An Apocalypic Chain of Melody by Metin Cengiz

no, my love, I will not spell out this song for you
with its aroma discarded, metamorphosed in riots
I have long since stamped my seal
put down my clumsy signature
on the most challenging part of life
and at every sunrise I have brushed my teeth
pressing life hard onto my flesh

–come on, pick up that comb that adores poems
and start the day by combing your hair

translated by Suat Karantay

At Times by Metin Cengiz

at times comes someone
settles down into my heart
surrounding my whole body
the iron protecting me melts

utters words I’ve never heard
telling me about myself
whisks me far away
upsetting my world

no, this is not the only thing I want to explain
this is someone else or you perhaps
but in the end I understand
I am the traveler of myself

translated by Pınar Besen