cowgirl in the sand

do you remember
the three of us
and me singing
cowgirl in the sand
just like neil young
in a park somewhere
’cause i was singing
and dancing to it
today in my living room
you two and me
and how once upon a time
we were young
and so was the world
so was the world

from Miscellaneous Poems, Poem 3 by T’ao Ch’ien

Bright blossoms seldom last long;
Life’s ups-and-downs can’t be charted.
What was a lotus flower in spring,
Is now the seed-husk of autumn.
Severe frost freezes the wild grass:
Decay has yet to finish it off.
Sun and moon come back once more,
But where I go, no sun will shine.
I look back longingly on times gone by–
Remembering the past wounds my soul.

translated by Eugene Eoyang