A Divine Falling of Leaves by César Vallejo

Moon: royal crown of an enormous head,
dropping leaves into yellow shadows as you go.
Red crown of a Jesus who broods
tragically, softly over emeralds!

Moon: reckless heart in heaven,
why do you row toward the west
in that cup filled with blue wine,
whose hull is defeated and sad?

Moon: it is no use flying away,
so you go up in a flame of scattered opals:
maybe you are my heart, who is like a gypsy,
who loafs in the sky, shedding poems like tears ! . . .

translated by James Wright

Sky by Juan Ramon Jimenez

I had forgotten you,
sky, and you were nothing
more than a vague existence of light,
even without name,
by my weary, lazy eyes.
And you would appear, among the idle
discouraged words of the traveler,
like a series of tiny lagoons
seen in a watery landscape of dreams . . .

Today I gazed at you slowly,
and you are rising as high as your name.

translated by Dennis Maloney & Clark Zlotchew