For A Hopeful Ending by Turgut Uyar

one day I leave what is to remain of me
everything left unfulfilled remains

who would want to die in summertime
everything I left unfulfilled remains

my life seems to be of a whiteness
everything I left unfulfilled remains

I expand I scatter I am white
one day I leave, what is to remain of me

one day I leave oh vigorous horse
something of mine will surely remain

translated by Omer Kursat

At FΔ±rst by Turgut Uyar

no one spoke it, perhaps only contemplated
because it exists in one’s life
exists like sleep and anger
no one spoke it
like the sun setting
in salty seas
I missed it too
even though my eyes
are in search of stains all day
I missed it, but one can say that
apart from the entire history of poetry
apart from all values plus or minus
apart from all things previously explained
as in the summer of the hottest countries
in the winter of all colds
I burn I get cold I feel awful
I am of no use
but I still love you
so then, love me too

translated by Omer Kursat

If I Come By Now by Turgut Uyar

if I come by now, you’ve bathed
combed your hair.
droplets on your forehead,
a lightness in your face.
like the stars after a mist
your fingers have turned pink
you’re sprawled on the bed . . .

I wrote this as a love song, my bride
rain is now falling on the roads, on the leaves.
if I come by you are home,
together with all the warmth.
your bosom covered
your lips apart.
if you would breathe upon and warm my hands.

. . . .

but where are you now. . .

translated by Omer Kursat