From Another Hill by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

I look at you from another hill, dear Istanbul!
I know you like back of my hand, and love you dearly.
Come, come sit on my heart’s throne as long as I live
Just to love a district of yours is worth a whole life.

There are many flourishing cities in the world.
But you’re the only one who creates enchanting beauty.
I say, he who has lived happily, in the longest dream,
Is he who spent his life in you, died in you, and was buried in you.

translated on the site All Poetry

Night by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

Kandilli floated upon sleep–
We trailed the moonlight on the deep

We took a shining silver track
And spoke no word of turning back

Phantom trees on the dreaming crest
Pensive slopes where waters rest

The season’s end was such a time
The distant note of a hidden chime

We passed and vanished far away
Ere the dream was lost at break of day

translated by Bernard Lewis