turning corners

why you ask
and how do I say
what is new
is familiar
a memory
being created
not deja vu
because I haven’t been
here before
but could have been
would have been
should have been
but turned a different corner
long ago
and now
have stumbled upon
this road
quite by accident
and found you
patiently waiting
to ask why
I took so long

fresh figs

we scamper
among the trees
Ali and me
two kids
in a farmer’s field
plucking figs
from trees
and giggling
as we split them open
to taste
their sweetness
guilty pleasure
a break from work
washing our hands
in the sprinklers
before climbing back
in a waiting car
to return
to the business
at hand

on gardens: for Kristina

a garden
she says
for flowers plants
tomatoes perhaps
like the Italians had
when growing up
though she is not Italian
not that that matters
gardens know no nationality
flowers plants
tomatoes even
understand caring hands
like hers
there in the center
of war
a dream
of a garden
flowers plants
tomatoes possibly
and love
when it comes
will grow there