Pearls by Zheng Min

How many years have you slept on the sea bottom!
Time has not passed in vain,
A rainbow of light flashing over your uneven shell
Glitters freely, suffused in coral pink.
A true pearl
Is not the perfect one.

Pearls cultivated on a production schedule
Have a regular, plump-eared surface.
A handful of them, all the same size,
Show off their brilliance encircling
Pretty wrists and necks; they are most perfect,
But they are not real pearls.

Nothing seems more like pearls than virtue does:
The truest probably don’t look the most beautiful,
The most beautiful probably aren’t the truest.
My heart and soul are always
Enchanted by the uneven pearl
Because it carries messages from the ocean
And owns a sincerity for which I yearn.

translated by Fang Dai, Dennis Ding, & Edward Morin

Robert F. Kennedy and having compassion for one another.


A truly great speech by one of the heroes of my youth.

Originally posted on The American Post-Standard:

Robert F. Kennedy, announcing to a crowd in Indianapolis the news of Martin Luther King JR’s death. It’s important to note that Kennedy’s words focused not on division or the causes of King’s death or social injustice, but instead, of coming together as a united people for justice. Kennedy didn’t blame any race, but asked for folks to put aside their anger, their finger pointing, their need for revenge. He asked those people in the United States and more importantly those in Indianapolis to find in their hearts compassion for their fellow Americans,to be able to create a better American society.

It’s been said because of this speech, Indianapolis was one of, if not the only, city not to experience riots after hearing the news.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: I’m only going to talk to you just for a minute or so this evening, because I have some very sad news for…

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