at home, more or less

Noirmy cat looks up
as he hears a cat crying in the night
he looks at me with wide eyes
and no, I say
this is not New York
and you do not hear another you
we are aliens here, I say
this is Istanbul
and Turkish cats are crying
for food, for shelter
but you are safe
there is food in your bowl
water, treats
no hunger here for a stray New Yorker
and life goes on
in relative peace
climb back on the bed
and sleep, little friend
you are more or less
at home

5 thoughts on “at home, more or less

    • This cat has lived in 5 different homes now since I found him abandoned behind my old house in NY. He was 7 weeks old then and is now inching toward 9 years old. So I think he will always feel he is more or less at home since he lives with someone who isn’t quite finished looking for his own.

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