on humor: for Little Chuck

there was this woman
who lived in Big Chuck’s building
and had an interest in him
even though he was not interested in her
in that way
but enjoyed her company
and that of her mother, too
Big Chuck reads a lot
sometimes 2 or 3 books at once
and this woman to impress him
I think
told him how much she loved
The DaVinci Code
which she had read like
a hundred times
when Big Chuck told this
to Little Chuck
at the donut shop
late one night
Little Chuck said
Ah, lover of book
or the time
Big Chuck took Little Chuck
to a party
and Big Chuck was charming
a rather attractive Russian woman
and Little Chuck
upon discovering she was from Russia
asked how the squirrel and the moose were doing
a reference to a cartoon show
totally lost on the lady
and she became totally lost
to Big Chuck
as a result
and finally
when Little Chuck learned
that my house in NY
was next to the train tracks
he became obsessed about my safety
imagining trains flying off the tracks
and crashing into my house
and began sending me notices
of train derailments
and a gift of a blinking RR light
to warn me of any danger
coming my way
though the only real danger
is losing the friendship
to the distance
between us now
these thousands of miles away

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