4 thoughts on “learning to fly: a tanka

  1. The idea of the heart adrift out there between continents is great. You feel both the weight and the suspension, the lack of control amid larger forces, the small solidity of one’s individual life. Great, man. Immediately accessible.

    I just read an article on translation where the writer quotes Tomas Transtromer saying (here I go paraphrasing a translation!) that in each poem is an invisible poem which is the real poem. A translation into another language is thus just an opportunity to yet again find the invisible poem and express it in another language. I think that image of yours could be translated into practically any language and have the impact of that inner, invisible poem. Nice work.

    • Thanks, Jeff.
      I guess we’re all trying to make visible what is invisible. To respond to the image that defines us at any given moment, and to share it as best we can with others who can relate.

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