a small world

at a meeting
exploring options
talk swiftly changes
when business cards are exchanged
it’s that last name
bells ring
suddenly a call is made
across seas an ocean
seven hours away
and names faces
a world reappears
what was new
is now familiar
a small world
isn’t it
getting smaller every day
and suddenly
you are who you were
who you always
have been

5 thoughts on “a small world

  1. I really like this one, Leonard. It kind of expands and contracts on you as you read it. And while it’s clearly a meditation on a specific contemporary moment for you, any reader can pick up this vessel and fill it with their own experience. While your work is often highly vertical and colloquial in shape and form, those elements don’t always match the meaning as much as the impact of experience they describe–the meaning clambers down the poem a little more carefully, slowly, usually meeting me on the last line about the time I get through a re-reading. There is clearly a “lineage” of American writers whose work has a similar craft, but I also see your work through the prism of the many non-American/non-English language poets you have introduced to me on this site. So I hear resonance of that work as well. It’s a great environment to read in and I always get something deeper out of the experience that way. So thanks.

  2. Leonard,
    Great poem, have you ever read a poem by Nobel mexican writer Octavio Paz called “Piedra de Sol” (Stone of / from the Sun), well your words reminded me of It.
    The three las verses are simple perfect. Thank you, best wishes, Aquileana πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for this kind comment.
      I haven’t read Paz in a long time and unfortunately the volumes I have of his are in storage with most of my other books in NY. I cannot find that poem translated on line but will, when I return to NY sometime soon, make sure I go through the boxes labeled “P” to find my books of his. There are many I want to ship to Turkey including the C’s, D’s, M’s and T’s. Not to mention 22 other letters, too.

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