9 thoughts on “the moon looks down

  1. Oh wow that always made me feel better knowing that loved one could see the same moon as I. Then the other day I was walking down that hall at work and someone hollered at me Bob, hey did you see the moon last night I thought of you! And I always think of you when I see things in the sky that are beautiful! It was so odd. Everyone calls me Bob but my name is Michelle. It’s a joke for the new people except we are the older folks now so I’m to sure how that is but I love this moon poem it made me think of all this! It’s beautiful Leonard! Happy whatever day it is there! It’s Saturday and time for me to sleep! I just saw this and it caught my attention 🙂

  2. Sometimes, the stars also serve as a reflection of someone far away as long as you believe that she is also thinking of you… That’s long distance relationship before the invention of the “internet” where one can see eye to eye via Viber, Skype, or Facebook. It is no longer romantic…

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