6 thoughts on “the letter

  1. This poem … how to put into words what my Heart feels? These words are brilliantly written in such a way that bring tears to my eyes. I know what it is like to be “without” and what that does to the spirit and heart. To have that connection after going without, I don’t know how I would react. But I believe there is a clue how in your words. Thank you for this Gift today. You have given me hope that perhaps someday my heart will connect in the way I yearn. For HOME. Love, Amy

    • Amy, Thank you for such a kind, thoughtful comment. I appreciate the way you respond to my work. May you find what you yearn for. Your beautiful soul deserves to.

      • When that part of a woman’s heart is closed from the Road called Life, is there any chance of that part blooming once again? I don’t have that answer. Yet I do know the Love and Peace and Solace I find in Mother Nature brings more to my Heart then I believe any mortal can. So does this balance things? I again don’t have that answer. I accept all that IS in my life, and what is lacking, I do not focus on. I on the other hand, focus on what I do have, which is so very much indeed. Love has no form. When one sees with Eyes of Love, Love is found in every aspect of life.

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