empty heart

as I lie face up
on the hospital bed
waiting for 5 stitches
in my hard Calabrese head
Ali says
your ekg was good
your heart is better
than a young person’s
and Adnan nods
his blood pressure too
it’s because you have
an empty heart
Ali says
empty I ask
no woman he says
no woman no pain
Adnan smiles
a little laugh
some sad recognition
of a truth
they both share
and I think
maybe it’s time
to fill it
here in a city
among true friends
for even some pain
is better
than lying empty
and unused

14 thoughts on “empty heart

  1. I hope you are feeling better…professor…good luck on the chase …somebody I am sure will come along…or maybe she is already there and you just do not see her..look around…who knows…

    • Thank you, Rukiye. I seem to be well looked after here, but I also must learn not to think of myself as Steve McQueen. A cultural reference but if you look up his famous motorcycle chase scene in The Great Escape on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean. But sincerely I thank you for the comment.

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