listening to Rodgers & Hart

children play outside
women laugh at table
a father pushes a swing
sprinklers water lawns
wind rustles curtains
a feral cat cries for food
the sun rises
and sets
this is a day
like any other
and yet words
were exchanged
promises made
a future unravels
where once
only a past existed
and those lyrics
to Rodgers and Hart
take on a new significance
once again

5 thoughts on “listening to Rodgers & Hart

  1. When I was younger I used to spend hours making tapes of songs that were thematically connected for friends, for my own amusement. I’m still doing it to some extent with the posts here. Old habits, you know. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t, but I have a friend back in SF that gets a kick out of them when they do.I’m glad you picked up on this one.

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