9 thoughts on “on sushi & sake: for Jia-ling, Jenny, & Fernando

  1. Indeed, Prof., we had a very nice time…
    So much to catch up on…but with 2 little shadows , never enough time…
    Carlos Manuel keeps mentioning his friend with the fish …
    Looking forward to the next time…

    • Yes, it’s a mellow drink and I think having it in those little glasses helps a great deal in keeping it mellow. Though come to think of it, shot glasses don’t seem to have the same effect. So strike that bit about the little glasses.

      • So true–but I think in the case of sake that the whole nearly-tea-ceremony of it does help provide, or provoke at least, a certain thoughtfulness that adds the necessary gravity to the lightening of the mind lifting a good glass of sake will generate…the guy at the bar squirting another shot into a shot glass is not quite the same as you picking up your warm (or cold) stoneware jug and purposefully pouring your next cup. Is that it? Maybe?

      • Yes, I think you are right about that. You sip sake, which is different than tossing off a shot. And if there is sushi or sashimi involved, and you are using chopsticks, everything is slower, which adds to that ceremonial effect. You tend to savor the sake as well as the food. Only drinking wine, in the right atmosphere, can compare.

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