12 thoughts on “the unexpected

      • I know…I know! I’m probably the only person I know that’s my age that has it on my iTunes!! Haha…

      • Haha…Thanks! My dad and I used to watch Jerry Louis and Dean Martin movies when I was a kid. They were hilarious to me. I guess something stuck…

      • Well I’m Italian-American so you have to like Frank Sinatra. Otherwise you get kicked out of the club. And Dean Martin was great because he never really took himself too seriously. Those Rat Pack guys certainly left an impression on my generation.

      • Yes, you don’t want to lose that. I even have a picture of Frank on my wall in my den along with me in my bookstore days. The only other actor I have is Lee Marvin (a birthday gift from a friend) but he’s still in storage in my ex-girlfriend’s house in Queens.

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