Hi All, I know many of you like the Turkish poetry I post in translation but here’s a young woman who has been translating Turkish poetry for a few years now and has translated many poets who are not available anywhere else in English. Please read her work and enjoy.


-Perişan Sofra-

Öldü; ne rüzgârlar girdi içeri,
Ne bir kuş havalandı pencereden.
Öldü; kimse görmedi melekleri;
Sorma nasıl habersiz gitti giden.

Bir uzun sefere çıktı, diyorlar;
Gemiyi gören var mı? hani deniz?
Sen gittin, soframız oldu târumar;
Doğan günü yadırgıyor hâlimiz.

-Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı…


-A Miserable Dining Table-
She died; neither the winds entered inside,
Nor did the birds fly away from the window.
She died; no one saw the angels;
Don’t ask how silently she was gone.
They say she set forth on a long journey;
Has anyone seen the ship? Where is the sea?
You are gone, leaving our dining table miserable;
Our mind can’t accept the newly-born day.

Translated by R. U.

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