4 thoughts on “the edge of this world

  1. reminded me of:

    When I was a child
    I leaned on the wind
    and let the wild
    breath lash my face.

    Now I am old
    the wind leans on me
    heavy and cold
    whips away my breath

    written some time ago. I hope the winds of change are kind to you

  2. Can’t figure out where else to respond…..somehow my Darkened Eve got posted before I completed it….was only supposed to be a draft!!! ARG….still too new at this blogging stuff! So glad you Liked it quickly — alerted me to my error. Stay tuned….real post, completed, will appear another time! 🙂
    And, by the way, love this post! On the edge of the world indeed — so often we face an abyss of one kind or another, right?

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