15 thoughts on “learning a language

  1. HA! How well I remember, Len. Thanks for bringing it all back to me! Nicely done with your inimitable dash of wit! (What language are you studying now?)


  2. Oh good luck.!! I thought since I already spoke two languages, learning Spanish was going to be easy breasy. But alas it was not so… I fumbled so much, it was funny 😀 Very humbling experience. But good for the brain cells.! Good luck.!!

  3. The only way to learn a new language is to use it. I wasted years learning French and still can’t speak it because I have no use of it here. I hope to spend some time in France one day and see if I can resurrect what I’d learn. I suggest you watch Turkish TV to pick up the tones and cadence of the language and go out into the streets everyday to practice your vocabulary on someone Turkish. Have fun!

    • Well I’ve taught English for 30 years but now sitting in the learner’s chair, I find I must start taking my own advice to students and immerse myself more in the target language. It is really the only way to truly understand a culture, which is my ultimate goal. But I understand your struggle. You are certainly persistent.

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