14 thoughts on “echo

  1. Leonard, after reading your past week’s of posts, I envision a very lonely, sad man. As you know, the past cannot change. The present is tough enough to alter. Be encouraged that tomorrow may offer you a gift. I sincerely hope so. I just lost a brother-in-law of 40 years to diabetes. The good, the bad, and the ugly…but also the beautiful. I witness my wife of 40 years ( yes, I am amazed) and see the compassion and thank God for His gift to me. I am thankful and blessed. I wish you the best today. Be encouraged.

    • Thank you, Michael, but sadness is connected to joy. The yin and yang of life. I have both in my life. I think, though, it’s always easier to write about sadness. But it doesn’t dominate my life.Thanks for the wish, though.

      • Len, I do understand the connection, and know how sadness can roll off our being so much easier than joy. I am glad to learn that sadness does not dominate your soul. I am not attempting to be a sage, but have enough life experience to note a tinge of pain. May it pass, even in Istanbul.

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