from Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry: 2

Bolivar was resting comfortably against a wagon wheel and ignored the sally. He was wavering in his mind whether to stay or go. He did not like travel–the thought of it made him unhappy. And yet, when he went home to Mexico he felt unhappy too, for his wife was disappointed in him and let him know it every day. He had never been sure what she wanted–after all, their children were beautiful–but whatever it was, he had not been able to give it to her. His daughters were his delight, but they would soon all marry and be gone, leaving him no protection from his wife. Probably he would shoot his wife if he went home. He had shot an irritating horse, right out from under himself. A man’s patience sometimes simply snapped. He had shot the horse right between the ears and then found it difficult to get the saddle off, once the horse fell. Probably he would shoot his wife in the same way, if he went home. Many times he had been tempted to shoot one or another of the members of the Hat Creek outfit, but of course if he did that he would be immediately shot in return. Every day he thought he might go home, but he didn’t. It was easier to stay and cut up a few snakes into the cook pot than to listen to his wife complain.

So he stayed, day by day, paying no attention to what anyone said. That in itself was a luxury he wouldn’t have at home, for a disappointed woman was not easy to ignore.

12 thoughts on “from Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry: 2

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Larry McMurtry gets inside his characters heads and brings them to life. It has been years since I read Lonsome Dove, but it’s one of those rare books that dig in and find a home in one’s imagination, never to be forgotten. The Last Picture Show was another winner.

  2. Saw an interview with Mr. Duvall and he said he gathered many of Gus’s mannerisms from Sonny Jurgensen, the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, who was Texan through and through. I think Mr. McMurtry got it right in Lonesome Dove. Have you read his recently released memoir, “Books: A Memoir?” Pretty good read.

    • Yes, I agree with you about McMurtry getting it right. But then again, he’s a Texan. As for the memoir, no, I haven’t. That may have to wait till I return, though, in May.

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