14 thoughts on “on the balcony waiting for morning:Maltepe, March 23

  1. Wow, the same is true here in Texas. Even the joy of working in my spring garden gave no answers about how to cope with a broken world especially in light of the days tragic events in Brussels. But then a voice came through the fog of my worries, that of a risen Christ who said trust Me, not understand or make sense of it all, just trust Me and with that peace descended like a dove upon my soul. This is a fallen world. It will always be a fallen world, but our individual fall from grace can be obtained through His sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary. And that’s what I trust in when all around me the chaos and suffering reigns. For it was in His unimaginable suffering on that Cross that He asked the Father to forgive us, and then when He rose from the grave three days later He offered us a path out of the chaos and back home. Hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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