17 thoughts on “3:30am in Maltepe, Istanbul

  1. Hello Leonard! I’m back home in Boston after two months in Bermuda with iffy internet connections. Had trouble posting and even more trouble reading. I must say, I’ve thought of you and your beloved Istanbul during these latests two bombings in Turkey. Especially the latest one in Taksim Square — I’ve been there several times. Hoping you are safe — and keeping your spirits up. Waiting for the peace we all hope comes to this world. Best wishes my friend….and I shall be back in tune with your writings again.

    • Thank you, Lillian. Glad to see you again. Personally, I would prefer Bermuda myself but am now in the process of leaving Istanbul and returning to the US. Time to be near aging family and friends before I lose any more. Will miss Istanbul but can always return for extended periods of time.

      • You are referring to ice tea, I take it. But you know, even in hot weather, warm or hot tea can be more refreshing since it brings the body temperature up, and thus makes you feel cooler.

      • Ah, geography does put a stamp on us. I, for instance, miss NY style pizza and Sabrett hot dogs. I adapt, of course, to wherever I am, but there are some things I find difficult to live without. So I understand and respect your allegiance to ice tea, cold & sweet, and I take it, from a previous post of yours, to grits.

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