my interview with expat magazine: a podcast

Hi Everyone,

This is a podcast interview done some months ago before my circumstances changed here in Turkey. In it, I talk about being an expat in Turkey and share my thoughts/feelings about life here as well as in the US.

Since this interview I have decided to return and reestablish my base in New York again but will not sever my ties with this country. I will, in fact, be writing for a Turkish newspaper beginning almost immediately and will contribute articles on both Turkey and the US. So things evolve, as they often do, beyond what we envision at any one time.

Anyway, here is the link to the podcast. I hope you enjoy it.



17 thoughts on “my interview with expat magazine: a podcast

  1. Leonard ~ I listened to most of your interview and enjoyed it very much. One thing though… as a Midwesterner, I have to say I don’t smile for NO reason; I smile because I’m just a happy sort. Interesting life you have led, sir. Thanks for the link to the interview. I’ll finish listening after work. Have a good day! :o)

  2. Thank you for posting the link to your interview, which I enjoyed listening to; it did, though, make me sad to hear you speak of your love of Turkey knowing that you’re leaving it soon. Things evolve, as you said, beyond what we envision, and I hope your upcoming move works out for you (and your cat.)

    Also, for the record, we Texans smile a lot, too.

    • Thanks for listening to the podcast. Tony at expatchat does a really good job at making people aware of alternative lifestyles and travel. I’m recently been asked to write a twice weekly column for a Turkish newspaper so my connections here continue. And glad to hear Texans smile a lot, too. It doesn’t cost anything and brightens up the day.

  3. Hi Leonard,
    I also enjoyed listening to your interview on The Expat Chat. As I listened, I wondered to myself when will he leave? And you did.
    Like you, I lived in Turkey for 6 years, moving there in December 2008. I have travelled all over Turkey and loved my adopted country and still do, but I became very aware of the changes and so last year I moved on to Spain. I agree with everything you said, and I also will always feel connected to Turkey but it was time to move on. I was back in Istanbul in December to see some friends and it only reassured me that I had made the right decision to leave when I did. Erdogan’s politics, no freedom of speech, wrongful imprisonment of journalists etc and the treatment of women started to weigh heavy on me.
    Lets hope things improve and Turkey can once more shine as the wonderful hospitable country that it was.

    • Hi Matilda,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you left Turkey. I agree Erdoğan has been weighing heavy on my mind but the primaries in the US have also brought some hateful talk out into the open and has me concerned, too. But, of course, there is a big difference in how you are treated between both countries when you disagree. But Erdoğan and the current state of affairs are not my primary reason for leaving, just a secondary one. I have lost 5 friends in the last few years and as my family and close friends continue to age, the need to spend more time with them has become a priority for me. I will not lose my connection to Turkey, though, and will return periodically to visit. I just doubt I will ever live here again. I leave, by the way, in less than 2 weeks.

      • In the interview you were so adamant about staying and buying an apartment. Yes things change quickly and I guess the interview was recorded a long time ago. Best wishes for your move home.

      • Illness and death taking its toll this year alone, and it’s only April, is what changed my mind. And once I decided, last month, it seemed the right thing to do. Thanks for your good wishes. But I am leaving a piece of my heart here. I can’t deny that.

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