my temporary disappearing act

Hi Everyone,

I will be leaving for New York soon and will be without stable internet access for a few days. There is wi-fi at the hotel I’ll be staying at till Sunday but since I won’t be in that room very often or for long durations of time, I doubt I will be able to keep abreast of your posts until after I am at a friend’s house in Elmira on Sunday evening. No doubt my inbox will be overflowing and it will take me at least a week to catch up if I ever do catch up.

I may try reblogging some older posts  while away so don’t be surprised if you see posts relating to my life in Turkey appear in the next few days. I will, though, not be in Turkey, or at least part of my heart will be but the other half of that organ will be reconnecting with family/friends in the US, a much needed exercise to rejuvenate what’s left of it.

I know some of you are under the impression I am returning for good but as life often does to us, my plans have changed and I will only be in the US for a month or so while my application for a work visa is being approved. I have recently been offered a position of editor/columnist for a Turkish newspaper and so will be writing on culture, literature, historic spots in Turkey, and politics (mostly the American election but also on Turkey from an expat’s point of view).

Most of you know I love this country and its people but also I feel a need to stay connected to my aging family/friends so even though I will be staying here, I will be returning for visits to the US frequently.

And so it goes and I go with it. Be well.

69 thoughts on “my temporary disappearing act

  1. Safe travels! And for heaven’s sake — don’t feel the need to “catch up” on that overflowing email when you settle in. Sometimes it’s wise to just turn off the faucet for a while 🙂 Enjoy your time with family and friends.
    Turkey will be lucky to have you return – stay safe.

  2. Life is all about connections, friends and family and I hope you enjoy your visit with all the people important to you. Looking forward to reading your political views as I enjoy and agree with so much of what you write as well as learning more about Turkey which is a fascinating country that we hope to visit soon! Anita

    • Yes, I am still here for another month or so, then back to Istanbul. And yes, it is a beautiful country. Much to see, especially if you like history.

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