on again/off again OR an explanation of sorts

This morning is the beginning of my last leg(s) of my visit here in the US.

First to New Jersey for a fast-breaking (I’m sure I’m forgiven because it’s family) barbecue with my brothers.

Then Sunday. a reunion with some of my old staff from my ESL days.

Monday, it’s visiting old friends (including my family dentist of two generations), returning the rental car (trains & subways from this day forward), the Turkish Consulate to get my passport stamped for my work visa, a visit with an old friend from the days I lived on the West Side of NYC in the early 1970s, last minute errands, maybe a last dinner in Manhattan with a special friend.

Tuesday  the Consulate once again to pick up my passport/pay the fee and then seeing the last love of my life and getting my mail.

Wednesday, JFK and home.

Sooooo, I shall be a sporadic blogger until settled once again in Istanbul on Thursday.

Be well all of you and to Jeff & Emily, my real life friends now, thanks for my visit which was a special treat. All you other friends & family know that already.























36 thoughts on “on again/off again OR an explanation of sorts

  1. Enjoy your reunions and goodbyes Len; travel well and keep safe. I’m often absent on WordPress these days and never stay long but I will look out for your message saying, landed safely. Say hello to Istanbul for me. Take care, Mx

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