life as they say goes on

from my balcony
I watch the set-up
of tables
in the open market
a block away
a Monday ritual
here in Maltepe
and soon
I’ll have coffee
with a new friend
watch his son
practice his skills
in football camp
and as the sun
heats up the day
whatever state of emergency
exists here
does not impact
on daily rituals
in neighborhoods
all over this city
this country
as they say
goes on

a thousand years ago on some coastline in the fall

there were dead fish
that crunched
under our feet
and a smell
that reminded me
of sardines
you were saying something
I couldn’t hear
because you were talking
into the wind
and now
a thousand years later
I think if I heard
what you said
it would have been different
then and now
but there were dead fish
distracting me
and that wind
a thousand years ago
on some coastline
in the fall