breaking news

helicopters jets
bridges closed
confused faces
walking by
long lines
at ATMs
horns blaring
cars racing
who knows where
crowds rallying
in the streets
lots of flags
distant explosions
and the longest walk
I’ve ever had
but now
peace restored
over 60 killed
754 detained
and life
here in Turkey
never ceases
to be filled
with drama
amid the beauty
once again

55 thoughts on “breaking news

  1. Glad to hear you’re alright . . . From the papers this morning it seems some sort of stability has returned and it looks like Erdogan’s government will withstand the tremors . . . Blessings!

  2. Every day..the news is not so good and I worry about you and other Turkish bloggers. Blessings and stay safe. May you and your country come through this stronger as a people.

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