on leadership

Any entity, whether it be a country, a business, a boy scout troop,  is made up of the people in it, which reflects their values, culture, history, and the management/government they have.

A true leader is one who is at times self-reflective so that they can see whatever faults they possess that might be the cause of the problems of the people they lead.

To point fingers and blame others is the easiest and least effective way of solving any problem and of leading the people in their care.

A leader “so full of themselves” as my grandmother would say is in fact doing more harm than good for a business, a nation, a religion, a community, an institution, any group of people they are chosen to lead. One needs to look inside first before looking outside because all problems tend to have their roots within.

History tells us that. Our current world situation reaffirms it.

40 thoughts on “on leadership

  1. I feel a little “pointing fingers” in this. 🙂 Unfortunately and very disturbingly, the recent incidents here and abroad may place us in danger of finding a narcissistic bully elevated to the highest office of our land. We must all get out and vote, do what we can to prevent this from happening. I wish you peace and safety over there.

      • It seems Turkey is pointing fingers at the US as promoting the attempted coup. Do you suppose Gulen will be extraditied to Turkey? Hope you are having a safe and peaceful day.

      • I know and that’s why I wrote that post. Didn’t name him because it’s against the law in Turkey to “insult” the president but he always blames some outside force for problems he has mostly created in this country. His supporters are so easily duped, but then again look at the followers of Trump. I knew Gülen would be blamed and he would use the coup as leverage in intimidating the US in extraditing him.

  2. Thoughtful and true.
    The trouble is people need leaders, but those who want to be leaders are rarely ever right for the position and if they are, are often not, once they have spent time as one.

  3. Thank you for these thoughts! The world over seems more concerned with action, winning, perceived strength more than self-reflection. It’s creating tyrants and would-be tyrants everywhere. There’s no doubt fascism is back.

    I hope to respond to your thoughts soon and expand on them. I wonder about the best leaders we have had. They seem exceptions more than the rule.

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