life as they say goes on

from my balcony
I watch the set-up
of tables
in the open market
a block away
a Monday ritual
here in Maltepe
and soon
I’ll have coffee
with a new friend
watch his son
practice his skills
in football camp
and as the sun
heats up the day
whatever state of emergency
exists here
does not impact
on daily rituals
in neighborhoods
all over this city
this country
as they say
goes on

15 thoughts on “life as they say goes on

  1. It is so good to read that life goes on in Turkey amidst the turmoil. Although our contact has been only a fleeting online interaction you did cross my mind when I heard of recent events in Istanbul. I hope you continue to find safe places to be and people to relate it calmly.

  2. I read something recently by Don Miguel Ruiz in “The Four Agreements” that he wrote, “You can be in the middle of hell and still experience inner peace and happiness”. Not that you are directly in the middle of hell, however hell is noted as any conflict that may be going on in your world. I have been very sick my friend and this has been my first chance to catch up on your writing and thoughts. Although I read your words daily which are always gentle on my heart. Thank you for today’s, yesterday’s and all those thoughts you have shared. Be safe, be happy. Ann

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